Saturday, June 13, 2009

girls day out

Today was one of those magically wonderful days for me and Jillian.

We went downtown New Haven for a children's film fest. It was a bunch of short, indie kid's films, and the unifying theme was 'using your imagination'. There was a live puppet show beforehand. Jillian and I both really enjoyed it. She was craking up through the whole thing. Afterwards we went to Starbucks and had our drinks inside. This thrilled Jillian, because we usually just drive through. And after that we went to an art supply store down there and I bought her some watercolor pencils. After dinner tonight we sat together on the floor and drew pictures of hearts and flowers with her new pencils.

So it's not that we did anything so out of the ordinary, but for some reason it was just a special day. The kind I hope she looks back on fondly when she's all grown up. I get really weepy thinking about how these days are slipping by. I cant believe how quickly six years have passed. I try really hard to remind myself every single day how insanely lucky I am.

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